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    Plug & Play stations

    Plug & Play stations

    After the invention by LAFON of the first nomadic petrol station called Mobiltank, the MADIC group continued the development of Plug & Play petrol stations: Mobiltanks and modular stations. These 2 concepts are economical and quickly implemented solutions for the storage, distribution and management of fuels.

    Mobiltank: tailor-made nomadic solutions

    LAFON develops a complete range of compact, robust and mobile stations adapted to the needs. This device allows a minimum installation time, whatever the site.

    • The Ecotank is a mobile distribution point for private use, composed of a tank and a pump or a distributor. It can be customised according to storage capacity and dispensing mode requirements.
    • The Isotank is a service station or a mobile depot integrated into an ISO 10, 20 or 40 foot container. It is composed of a tank, a dispensing mode and a management system. It can be customised according to requirements, a generator, a reception group, a loading arm, etc.
    • The Isotank Produits Blancs is a service station integrated in a container, ATEX certified, allowing the distribution of all products. It is an economical and nomadic alternative to the public service station.

    Modular stations: quick solutions to implement

    In order to develop solutions that are both economical and quick to install, the MADIC group offers 2 customisable concepts each composed of 2 plug & play modules (aerial & underground).

    • The Nano Station is a standardised service station with a unique design, made in France. Compact, autonomous and communicating, it saves space and installation time as well as simplifying administrative procedures. The Nano Station is a concentrate of technologies, preventing any malfunction.
    • The modular station, similar to a conventional station, is made up of pre-fabricated elements in the factory and transported or assembled on site to meet the criteria required by the customer: economy, speed of installation, customer design.

    Our benefits :

      • High quality manufacturing
      • Quick installation
      • Decrease in civil works
      • Guaranteed longevity
      • Remote operation
      • 24-hour station
      • ICPE compliance
      • Economical alternative to traditional resorts
      • Simplified maintenance
      • Numerous possible configurations
      • Customised study for specific operations

    OUR AREAS >>

    Our areas :

      • Administrations
      • Airports
      • Armed Forces
      • Local authorities
      • Car dealerships
      • Construction companies
      • Farmers
      • Quarry or mine operators
      • GMS
      • Oil companies
      • Vehicle rental companies
      • Carriers & Coach Operators