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    MADIC industries’ expertise in manufacturing petroleum equipment adapted to downstream petroleum standards

    Thanks to its unique know-how in the design of innovative petroleum equipment adapted to the needs of the downstream oil sector, MADIC industries is a major player in fuel storage and distribution.

    All MADIC industries petro-equipment is designed and manufactured entirely in France, in compliance with ISO 9001-2015 standards. This 100% French manufacturing on a dedicated site enables MADIC industries to offer robust, certified petroleum equipment, benefiting in particular from know-how proven over more than 60 years.

    MADIC industries is also the originator of the world’s first fill limiter, designed over 50 years ago, reflecting the quality and longevity of its know-how in the manufacture of reliable and innovative petro-equipment, perfectly meeting the standards of the downstream oil sector.

    MADIC industries’ petroleum equipment: reliable, innovative petro-equipment to ensure the safety of your oil installations.

    Designed for both specific and intensive use, the petroleum equipment developed by MADIC industries is certified to ISO 9001-2015. This standard guarantees the conformity and reliability of all petroleum equipment offered by MADIC industries, for maximum security of your oil installations.

    In addition, all petroleum equipment developed by MADIC industries has benefited from eco-design in all its manufacturing processes, in order to limit its environmental impact.

    Among the petroleum equipment designed by MADIC industries, we find:

    • Filling limiters to secure oil installations
    • Manual and submersible pumps for optimized filling of service stations
    • Valves and flaps to regulate fuel inflows and outflows
    • Identification plates and standard connection parts
    • Mechanical, pneumatic or electronic tank gauging devices
    • Vapor recovery equipment
    • Upgradeable equipment for dome or source loading of tank trucks
    • Complete equipment for storage tank tops

    Inheriting continuous innovation, MADIC industries’ filling limiters are distinguished by their high reliability and ease of installation. They also boast the highest flow rates on the market, and some models can be assembled/disassembled without having to open the manhole plate. Fully compliant with EN13616, ATEX and 94/63/CE directives, MADIC industries’ fill limiters are essential oil equipment for ensuring the safety of your oil installations.

    Our areas:

    • Gas-stations
    • Private stations
    • Aviation & Harbour
    • Mines & Quarries