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    Against a backdrop of a global reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and pressure on the availability of fuels and raw materials, automotive mobility today needs to evolve towards new models that take into account the diversification of available energy sources and vectors.

    Over 10 years ago, MADIC decided to invest in the development of innovative solutions to decarbonize mobility. All the group’s subsidiaries have developed their skills to adapt to technological change and offer a complete range of products and services for the distribution of alternative energies.

    MADIC’s expertise in designing alternative energy distribution solutions for mobility

    MADIC industries, formerly LAFON, specializes in the design and manufacture of distribution and supervision solutions for multi-energy stations.

    It offers a wide range of charging stations for electric vehicles, solutions for CNG stations and the design and sizing of hydrogen stations.

    MADIC industries’ range of charging stations is the PULSE range. This range is compatible with all electric vehicle models. With charging stations from 3kW to 400 kW, MADIC industries offers solutions covering all types of charging. Whether for “slow” recharging in company parking lots or for “fast” recharging on the road, MADIC industries has the right solution.

    MADIC industries offers a tailored, high-performance solution for CNG compression, storage and distribution, with a CNG dispenser that includes a 24/24 unattended payment system via QR code, badge or CB, as well as a management solution for private fleets. The OCEAN Smart CNG dispensers, designed by MADIC industries in partnership with Tatsuno, are available in single- or double-sided, NGV1 and/or NGV2 versions, to enable efficient and effective distribution of compressed natural gas simultaneously or alternately, depending on the type of vehicle to be recharged (car, bus, truck, etc.).

    Finally, the MADIC group has also chosen to put its industrial expertise and network of partners at the service of hydrogen distribution, via adapted, high-performance hydrogen stations. This initiative testifies to MADIC’s commitment to the energy transition. It’s a commitment underpinned by a desire for independence and industrial control, so as to guarantee a responsible, high-quality offering on an international scale, adapted to technological developments on the market.

    All our solutions can be accompanied by a service offer provided by our subsidiary MADIC.

    Installation and maintenance of the various equipment can be carried out by the technical teams of the MADIC services subsidiary. Managing deployment campaigns is the core business of MADIC’s teams, ensuring turnkey service and guaranteeing the smooth running of your installations.