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    Against a backdrop of a global reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and pressure on the availability of fuels and raw materials, automotive mobility today needs to evolve towards new models that take into account the diversification of available energy sources and vectors.

    Among these alternative energies, natural gas for vehicles (NGV) has a lower ecological impact than traditional hydrocarbons. When we speak of natural gas for vehicles (NGV), we mean compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG).

    The MADIC group offers its expertise in the manufacture and maintenance of CNG dispensers, as well as in the development of PLCs and management systems, to design the best solutions for CNG dispensing.

    MADIC Industries’ expertise in CNG dispenser deployment

    MADIC Industries offers a tailored, high-performance solution for CNG compression, storage and distribution, with a CNG dispenser that includes a 24/24 unattended payment system via QR code, badge or CB, as well as a management solution for private fleets. The OCEAN Smart CNG dispensers, designed by MADIC Industries in partnership with Tatsuno, are available in single- or double-sided, NGV1 and/or NGV2 versions, to enable efficient and effective distribution of compressed natural gas simultaneously or alternately, depending on the type of vehicle to be recharged (car, bus, truck, etc.).

    Backed by the expertise of its subsidiary MADIC Industries in the deployment of CNG dispensers, the MADIC group offers to take charge of the installation and maintenance of these CNG dispensers, to ensure the efficiency of the system and its ease of use.

    The advantages of CNG dispensers from MADIC Industries

    The CNG dispensers developed by MADIC Industries offer a number of advantages that attest to their reliability. They are certified by LNE (Laboratoire national de métrologie et d’essais), and comply with standard communication protocols. They also benefit from optimized temperature compensation and automatic leak detection, to avoid the slightest risk. Last but not least, an LCD display makes it possible to check the information essential to the proper operation of the CNG dispenser.

    The CNG dispensers have been designed to comply fully with environmental and metrological safety standards, and have been awarded OIML R139 conformity certificates for the European Union and LNE type examination certificates for France.

    MADIC Industries’ CNG dispensers are also part of the MADIC Group’s global service offering for alternative energies, for installation, maintenance and supervision of these CNG dispensers.

    Efficient deployment of CNG distributors thanks to a network of qualified installers

    MADIC Industries is able to deploy CNG distributors throughout France, thanks to an efficient network of local installers who are qualified and experienced in the installation and maintenance of alternative energy infrastructures.

    Our product :

    • Ocean smart CNG


    Our benefits :

    • Product certified by LNE
    • Standard communication protocol
    • Optimised temperature compensation
    • Automatic leak detection
    • LCD screen