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    Against a backdrop of a global reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and pressure on the availability of fuels and raw materials, automotive mobility today needs to evolve towards new models that take into account the diversification of available energy sources and vectors.

    Among these alternative energies, hydrogen produced from decarbonized electricity is a more environmentally-friendly energy carrier, with a lower ecological impact than traditional hydrocarbons.

    The MADIC group has therefore chosen to put its industrial expertise and network of partners at the service of hydrogen distribution, via adapted, high-performance hydrogen stations. This initiative testifies to MADIC’s commitment to the energy transition. It’s a commitment underpinned by a determination to maintain independence and industrial control, in order to guarantee a responsible, high-quality offering on an international scale, adapted to technological developments on the market.

    A hydrogen station benefiting from the MADIC group’s expertise in the installation, commissioning and maintenance of mobility infrastructures.

    The MADIC group is committed to offering you a hydrogen station tailored to your needs, flexible to potential changes in the type and number of vehicles, with maximized availability. Depending on our customers’ needs, each station is equipped with one or more dispensing devices capable of delivering 350 or 700 bars of hydrogen dispensing pressure. The design of the station, combined with our supervision and predictive maintenance tools, ensures maximum availability. It also benefits from intelligent, optimized filling, in compliance with SAE J2601 distribution standards, which minimizes filling times for station users. For example, the filling time for a light vehicle with a tank weighing a few kilograms at 700 bar is between 3 and 5 minutes.

    Our equipment is capable of adapting to different sources of hydrogen, from the electrolyzer to on-site delivery by tube trailer.
    Finally, our stations can be equipped with unattended payment terminals using QR codes, badges or credit cards.

    Through its H2 division, the MADIC group has extensive expertise in the design, sizing, installation, commissioning and maintenance of hydrogen stations.

    The advantages of MADIC’s hydrogen station

    In addition to the above-mentioned criteria of flexibility, availability and speed, the hydrogen station developed by the MADIC Group benefits from a number of additional advantages.

    First and foremost, our hydrogen station is characterized by the reliability and efficiency of its piston compressors, minimizing downtime for maintenance.

    We have chosen to cool the hydrogen down to -40°C, using natural and more environmentally-friendly refrigerants (CO2 (R744) or propane) than conventional HFO alternatives, to minimize the impact of our stations on the greenhouse effect.

    What’s more, our station benefits from a modular, upgradeable design, enabling us to extend filling capacity to meet changing demand.

    Like the MADIC group’s other alternative energy distribution infrastructures, our station benefits from the latest advances in secure unattended payment. The pilot station of the MADIC Group technology cluster.

    The MADIC group technology center pilot station

    To demonstrate our expertise and provide a training center for our maintenance technicians, the MADIC Group has launched the construction of a hydrogen station open to the public on its industrial site in Saint-André-de-Cubzac (33), ideally located on the A10 motorway 20 kilometers from Bordeaux. The station will open in December 2023.


    • A very accurate mass meter (0.5%)
    • The lightest filling nozzle on the market (1.7 kg)
    • Reliable flexible breakaway couplings