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    Charging stations

    Charging stations

    Against a backdrop of a global reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and pressure on the availability of fuels and raw materials, automotive mobility today needs to evolve towards new models that take into account the diversification of available energy sources and vectors.

    MADIC industries, formerly LAFON, has been developing a complete range of charging stations for electric vehicles for the past 10 years. The PULSE range of charging stations covers all user needs. Whether for slow charging in company parking lots or for roaming charging at ultra-fast charging stations, PULSE charging stations will meet your requirements.

    Thanks to its expertise in the distribution of energy for mobility and payment systems, MADIC Industries has become a major player in the deployment of charging stations for electric vehicles.

    Designed, developed and manufactured at the group’s technology center in Saint-André-de-Cubzac (Gironde, France), PULSE charging stations represent a sustainable solution for deploying charging solutions to decarbonize mobility. Madic Industries masters the mechanical and software design of its products to ensure their scalability over time and to adapt to technological developments .

    With an 18,000 m² production site that also houses development activities, MADIC Industries can tailor its production capacity to its customers’ needs, providing them with high-performance solutions for the electrification of their fleets.

    MADIC industries, an innovative subsidiary serving electric mobility

    MADIC industries designs innovative solutions with sustainable development in mind. Our design office teams are committed to developing environmentally-friendly products and services with a low carbon footprint and a high recyclability rate.

    PULSE electric charging stations are compatible with all types of electric vehicles on the market. All MADIC Industries charging stations have been rigorously tested to ensure full compliance with current standards. MADIC Industries has manufactured over 10,000 charging points, most of them installed in France, but also deployed internationally with partners.

    This charging infrastructure is universal, adapting to all types of electric vehicles on the market, and has been tested to ensure full compliance.

    MADIC industries has 10,000 charging points deployed in France and abroad.

    Charging stations :

    • PULSE 22 GL
    • PULSE 22 WL
    • PULSE 25
    • PULSE 50
    • PULSE 20-80
    • PULSE 100-400

    Payment terminal :

    • MagPay 43